Monday, 26 March 2012

Dr Noki

DR NOKI                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Noki, also known as JJ Hudson, is the superhero of eco-fashion and design, naming his signature piece to be “The Noki-SOB (Suffocation Of Branding) mask.” He started his career as a stylist in the late 90’s, working with MTV, ID magazine, and now famed creative director and designer Nicola Formichetti. He is the John Wayne of the eco-fashion and up-cycling movement with the axiom ‘rejection breeds re-invention’; he does what he wants and, luckily for society, what he wants is “an exclusive garment that compliments the raw energy that defines ‘street style’ and all of what we see in the designer collections”, but carefully utilizing the ‘sustainable canvas’ as a positive way forward using ‘New World Textiles’. Dr. Noki is a leader in Estethica’s commitment for nurturing and mentoring young talents and will continuto be a designer that ignites the fashion world with innovation and design                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                   NOTES ON THE POLITICS AND AESTHETICS OF NOKI CUSTOM                                                               At its most obvious, Noki custom mounts a challenge, a symbolic critique or even
a form of resistance, against mainstream, mass-market, homogenous and
depersonalised commodity fashion.

Where sportswear relies on brands and powerful logos to make its selling
proposition, Noki abducts these signs, reconfigures them, uses, abuses and
reuses them and creates the new and unorthodox.Oink. Not pis. Geddit?
With French philosopher De Certeau, the operations of Noki can be seen as
tactics of the weak, pitted against strategies of the strong. David’s fast and sneaky 
movements, too fast for Goliath, strong, but slow and inflexible.
So, at its most obvious, the story of Noki is the story of resisting monolithic
corporations and their hardnosed profit mentality, wherein individuals are reduced
to passive but unfaithful consumers and clothes are objectified and turned into
mere ‘stock’, which needs to be invested with attractive myths and promises
through intensive marketing. While certain multinational clothes retailers design,
manufacture (outsourced to underpaid workers through a complex supply chain?)
and distribute the same bland jumper to identical outlets all across the world,
Noki custom makes one-off pieces. With care. With dedication. With aura.
The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction (the title of Walther
Benjamin’s famous essay) – it’s not always reproduced. 
This is the second time then I post the information about designers ho creates their works from utilized clothes. But this one is really seams to me exiting because has a status 
couturier. Dr Noki collaborates with singers as Beth Dito, Lady Gaga, Skin from Skunk Anansie, with contemporary artist. Probably his protest against mass production fashion just a PR.

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